I’m a 4th year PhD student in Agricultural & Resource Economics at UC Berkeley. My research focuses on social networks and technology adoption in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Rwanda.

I’ve been supported by an NSF GRFP grant and have recently been working with the DIME unit at the World Bank. Prior to coming to Berkeley, I was a Research Manager at Stanford University and a Research Associate at IPA - Kenya.

Working Papers

  1. Valuing the Time of the Self-Employed - with T. Baseler, S. Chassang, P. Dupas, E. Snowberg
    [AEA RCT Registry - 0004110] [NBER WP] Submitted.
  2. New Technology and Network Change: Experimental Evidence from Kenya

Works in Progress

  1. Self-timed Credit Contracts: Evidence from Kenyan Farmers - with T. Baseler, S. Chassang, P. Dupas, E. Snowberg
    AEA RCT Registry - 0002949
  2. The role of information, accountability and resource gaps in explaining urban services quality in Ethiopia - with P. Dupas
    AEA RCT Registry - 0002114

Other Research

  1. African Urbanization and Development Research Initiative
    Addis Ababa First Round Report
  2. Impacts of Covid-19 on Education and Labor Market Outcomes in Ethiopia
    IGC Report